Unique Catholic first communion and confirmation gift ideas featuring “Prayer of the Children” personalized musical greeting, photo cookies, and customized songs for make your celebration truly memorable. Custom Sound Cards Recordable Sound Modules Singing Gifts Talking Greeting Cards & Envelopes Promotional Gift Items Like Photo Cookies

Confirmation / Communion Gift Ideas; Musical Greeting Cards, Photo Cookies

“Prayer of the Children” musical greeting was written as a gift for a child’s first confirmation / communion ceremony. Lyrical message, “Lord Jesus, send your spirit, fill us with you peace” is a musical greeting that includes personalization available at no extra charge. Our other communion and confirmation gift ideas include unique photo cookie gifts with FREE “Prayer of the Children” musical greeting. We can also write a customized gift of song to make any first communion or confirmation celebration truly memorable. Send a congratulations photo cookie gift for your next first Communion or Confirmation. We ship anywhere in the world!

Musical Confirmation Greeting Cards

"Prayer of the Children"
Musical Confirmation
Prayer Card

Photo Cookies

Photo Cookies

Customized Confirmation / Coummuion Songs by Kelli Fusaro

Commuion Music
by Kelli Fusaro


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