We offer a fundraising opportunity of art and music programs in public or Christian schools, churches, and non-profit organizations by selling greeting cards with inspirational lyrics and music. Custom Sound Cards Recordable Sound Modules Singing Gifts Talking Greeting Cards & Envelopes Promotional Gift Items Like Photo Cookies


A Creative Fund Raising Solution


Featured on QVC in 2004 . . .

Christian Schools

Catholic Schools

Church Fund Raiser

Schools of Music

Schools of Art

Non-Profit Fund Raiser


How it Works:

Earn over 50% profit on each musical greeting card sold.

Purchase price after orders are received = $2.50 ea.

Selling Price= $5.00 or $6.00 (your choice)

Earn $2.50 or more per musical greeting card sold!

All products 100% guaranteed.

Customized * Printable brochures

Easy instructions for young children to understand.


Sample description/order pages included on this site for easy download.

Ask us for FREE samples to display at your church or school.

Immediate delivery!

Questions?  Call 484-769-5250


Option #2

For even greater discount, PRE-ORDER assorted boxed sets! For Fast/Easy Ordering Online!  (CLICK HERE)

With each purchase, you will receive 36 boxes of CD greeting cards that include ALL SIX assorted musical greetings pictured on brochure.  SAMPLES included. Immediate delivery.


Upon your request, we will e-mail a customized, printable brochure with your purchase.

Your cost: $12 per set 

Selling Price: $20 

Earn:  $8.00 Profit per boxed set sold!


Call 484-769-5250


*NOTE FROM KELLI – As a former music teacher of 17 years, this is an amazing fund raiser that promotes values in Christian music programs and Catholic schools throughout the country.  It is innovative because it is original and encourages creativity through music.  Just for fun, children and adults can add their voice to the instrumental track on track 2 of each CD greeting.  Enjoy!


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