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Recordable Greeting Card Sound Modules...
Print Your Own Musical Greeting Card Kits

Recordable Sound Modules

Make Your Own Recordable Greeting Cards For A Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, Party, etc.

Since 2005 - offering the highest quality in Greeting Card Sound Modules and Musical Cards.


If You Would Like Us To Do Custom Programming For You,
please click here:
Custom Programmed Sound Modules Pricing

Frequently Bought Together...

Greeting Card Sound Module Instructions
Greeting Card Sound Module Blank Card Kit Paper
Greeting Card Sound Module Blank Card Kit Envelope
Greeting Card Recordable Sound Module "Print Ready" Scored White
greeting card paper
100lb Stock 14.75" x 7"
Bright White Envelopes
5.25" x 7.25"

Use our Template or Upload your Design

Design Features:
  • Record messages 20 and 60 seconds.
  • You can re-record your message as often as you desire.
  • Greeting Card Sound Module Size: 4 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches
  • Instructions:

    1.  Press down and hold recording button.
    2.  Record your voice or song into micro speaker.
    3.  Release record button when finished.
    4.  Open card to play message

  • Sound module automatically plays message each time a greeting card is opened.
  • Plays up to 300 times
  • See Demo Video on this page

Email for quantity pricing.

Your order is shipped USPS priority mail - guaranteed 2 - 3 days. All products are tested prior to shipping to insure workability.

Please call us to for express shipping: 877-545-2343


Select Record Time Below
(Sold in sets of 20)

20 Sec Recordable Greeting Card Sound Modules
($3.98 each) $79.60 + shipping
60 Sec Recordable Greeting Card Sound Modules
($4.95 each) $99.00 + shipping

Check here to add Print-Ready Paper & Envelope Kit (paper = $1.30 per sheet + envelopes .50 ea.)
(20 sheets & envelopes) +$36.00

NEW! RECORDABLE GIFT CARD HOLDERS . .  make ANY greeting card recordable!  Just record, peel-n-stick! Personalize w/gift cards, business cards, or photos. ($1.95 each) +$39.00

*Please Note: We accept international orders for Recordable Sound Modules. ($100 minimum)
How To Make Your Own Musical Greeting Cards

Our Talking Sound Modules are ready to be placed inside blank greeting cards. One could also look at a Hallmark sound greeting card to see how the sound module is placed within the fold.


Also see our Sound Modules page for talking greeting card ideas.

Sound Expressions, LLC is America's leader in personalized talking sound modules, greeting cards, brochures, and favors for businesses and special events. The mission of the company is to create quality custom products which are multi-sensory in design encouraging creativity and full self-expression.

gift card covers

Looking for SAMPLES of recordable sound modules?

You may order 5 (20 sec. modules) @ 9.00 ea. (45.00 + shipping)
(Email your receipt from samples to receive $25 refund on your next order of 100 or more sound modules.)

Replacement Batteries For Greeting Card Modules

Price: $1.00 each; Sold in sets of 20
$20.00 + shipping.  If you would like specific quantities over 20, please call us!

Our Product Guarantee/Return Policy:

All sound modules and sound cards are tested prior to shipping and we guarantee workability.
If problems should occur, we agree to replace or exchange any non-working modules returned to us within 30 days.
Refunds not accepted.

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