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Sound Expressions, LLC was founded in 2002 by educator, entrepreneur Kelli Fusaro of Reading, PA whose picture is displayed on this page. She began her career as a music teacher and songwriter in 1984. In 2002, she designed and produced "Sound Expression Greetings" CD greeting cards containing Kelli's original songs on CD in greeting cards with lyrical messages. The cards were sold by FTD florists and featured on a QVC Mother's Day special in 2004. Kelli's CD greetings were also sold on her website, SoundExpressionGreetings.com. During this time, she began receiving many phone calls from businesses, advertising agencies and the general public. There was a definite interest for consumers to customize his/her own talking greeting cards with recordable voice messages. After receiving hundreds of phone calls, Kelli became a manufacturer of video and audio customized greeting cards for businesses.

Sound Expressions, LLC is a certified Disney vendor offering promotional greeting cards in the direct mail industry to corporations worldwide and registered with the Better Business Bureau and Florida SunBiz. A few of our clients who have enjoyed our customized promotional products include McDonalds, NBC Universal, GoDaddy, Nestle, Conrail and Hewlett Packard. We also have the privilege of working with various song artists and record companies (Capitol Records, Universal Records, Republic Nashville). We are based in the USA and our specialty is bringing your promotional ideas to life!

Disney Vender Certificate
Sound Expressions LLC:
D-U-N-S number: 051483901

Staff Photos

Kelli Fusaro

Kelli Fusaro
President and CEO



Christina Berkshire

Chris Berkshire
Project Manager


Andy Deng

Andy Deng
Production Manager



Rachel Conrad

Rachel Conrad


Alisha Kean

Alisha Kean
Graphic Deisigner



Everyone has seen audio greeting cards that makes a sound when opened.  Yes we still sell many of these to businesses.  The latest technology is now video cards and devices. See the short video below.

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New Video Promotional Products!

Sound Expressions, LLC is America's Promotional Marketing Company in personalized talking sound modules for envelopes, sound modules, & audio greeting cards, plus video products like video greeting cards, video boxes - brochures - shelf talkers, and custom video packaging for businesses, promotions, and tradeshows.

Sound Expression Greetings works with celebrities, businesses and record companies, ad agencies and printers worldwide. In addition to custom recorded music cards and recording gadgets, we are now leading the way with innovative video products. Try our exciting video greeting cards, video boxes, video shelf talkers, video business cards for your upcoming business promotions!

Our Mission: Sound Expressions is America's leader in personalized talking sound modules, audio greeting cards, video greeting cards, video boxes, brochures, and custom audio/video packaging for businesses, promotions and special events. The mission of the company is to create quality custom products which are multi-sensory in design encouraging creativity and full self-expression.