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Audio Products

Musical Greeting Cards - Our music card with an audio sound module.  The standard size is 5 x 7 inches, but we can custom print any size card.
LED Light Up Cards - LED light up cards range in size such as 4 x 6 inches, 5 x 7 inches - all the way up to a card size of 8.5 x 11 inches.
Blank Recordable Card Kits - Already assembled 5 x 7 inch blank recordable greeting cards with white envelopes.
Recordable Photo Insert Cards - Recordable photo cards are re-recordable and automatically play up to 300 times. Frames come in 4 colors - Pink, Blue, Cream, Black. You can download our  5 x 7 inch 3-panel portrait or 5 x 7 inch 3-panel landscape templates in pdf format.
Recordable Stickers For Cards - Are you looking to add a recording to store-bought cards and invitations? Slide On Stickers are white greeting card module sleeve covers that will hide the speaker, wires and components.
DIY Holiday Card Kits - Holiday greeting card kits with recordable sound module. A cheerful, seasonal holiday card with your personalized song or recorded message.
Blank Recordable Voice Modules - Voice Recorders are re-recordable sound devices used to turn ANY 5″ x 7″ greeting card into a RECORDABLE card. Just Record, Peel and Stick onto the back of your 5 x 7 inch greeting card.
Recordable Talking Envelopes - White Recordable Envelopes (for 5 x 7 inch or 6 x 8 inch greeting card) provide a simple solution to adding your custom voice recording or music selection to any greeting card.
Greeting Card Sound Modules - Just record your message, peel, and stick these blank recordable greeting card modules on any greeting card.
USB Greeting Card Sound Modules - Greeting card sound modules for USB programmers.
Push Button Sound Modules / Gift Tags Just record your message, peel, and stick these blank recordable greeting card modules on any greeting card.
Light Activated Sound Modules - Easy light activated peel and stick sound modules. Light Activated Sound Modules are the perfect solution for corporate business mailings, mailing tubes, music boxes, drawers, gag gifts and more!
Squeeze Sound Modules - Recordable squeeze modules for stuffed animals. 10 sec. record time. Stuffed animals not included.
Talking Stuffed Animals - 51 assorted recordable 10 second stuffed animal kits. Includes a dog or bunny stuffed animals and sound modules. Sold only as entire lot.

Video Products

Video Greeting Cards - Greeting card with a screen. Your video can be up to 15 minutes up to 128 MB. Video greeting card size = standard 5" x 7" inches. This screen size = 4.3" inches. Custom card and screen sizes available.
Video Business Cards - Video business card size = 3.75" x 2" inches. The screen size = 2.4" inches. Your video automatically plays with a slider or when the cover page opens.
Video Look Books - Video Look Books Most Look Book orders are 9.5" x 12" with 10" screen. Custom sizes available. 128 MB, up to 15-minute video.
Video Shelf Talkers - Many video shelf talkers offer features such as: touch screen, replay, pause, play, volume up, volume down. You also have the option of adding multiple videos if you like.  Perfect for trade show and retail store displays.
Video Brochures - Video multi-page device for brochures, flyers, and magazines that can play your videos up to 15 minutes. We will upload your custom videos. Four color custom printing Included!
Video Lanyards - Video lanyards enable you to wear your credentials with an impressive video display badge for tradeshows, corporate areas for employees only, and events.
Video Boxes - Video boxes and Audio boxes are perfect for retail store presentations and product promotions. Video Boxes are the ultimate creative presentation.
Video Postcards - Video Postcards make the perfect mailers to gain everyone's attention!
Video Screen Components - Video screens for your own assembly of video greeting cards, video boxes, video displays, brochures and more!


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Audio Only Videos
Musical Audio Greeting Card
- example of an audio greeting card
Musical Audio Greeting Card - another example of an audio greeting card
DIY Audio Greeting Card - how to make a Do-It-Yourself greeting card with a sound module
Sound Holiday Christmas Card - funny song card
Light Up Card - disco music greeting card with lights
Music Greeting Card  - promoting Shawn Hook, A Disney Artist
Happy Valentine's Day Card - promoting The Band Perry
Party Invitational Card - Past Holiday Blues Party.

Videos About Video Devices
Custom Video Greeting Card - card done for Canon.
Musical Video Card - musical greeting card done for Eric Lloyd Bland
Custom Holiday Video Card With LED Lights - Businesses promotional marketing card
Very Large Video Greeting Card - promotional marketing card for businesses and corporations
Personalized Wedding Invitation - great idea for everyone's wedding
Video Cards - features & some options
6x8 Inch Video Cards - many examples with more features explained.
Video Business Cards - using a small video screen as a business card
Large Screen Video Cards -  here is a 7" video screen but now 10" video screens are available.
Audio & Video Jewelry Boxes - jewelry boxes can be video or audio based
Video Postcard - the least expensive of all video cards
SEG Promotional Video - a 30 second explanation of our audio & video business
Video Lanyard - video lanyards as promotional devices for trade shows, corporate ID devices, etc
Using A Video Card For Promotional Marketing - created for a pharmaceutical company
Video Lookbooks - using a video screen to promote a product

Instructional Videos
How To Program Light Activated Sound Modules - instructional video
How To Make Custom Audio Or Video Cards -  instructional video
How To Record Sounds On Recordable Talking Envelopes  - instructional video
Talking Holiday Card Kits - instructional video
Record Your Voice On A Push Button Sound Module - instructional video
Record Your Voice On Photo Insert Recordable Cards - instructional video
How To Upload Your Video To A Video Greeting Card -  instructional video
Recording A Message On A Blank Recordable Card - instructional video
How To Record Your Voice On A Squeeze Sound Module - instructional video

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